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The ALAIR Resource Directory is now database driven and is no longer a static document. Review it here and forward any updates to treasurer Tienhan Ma.

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Institutional Research...
 and Beyond?

newsletterThe polar vortex is powerful, but Huntsville built the rocket that sent man to the moon. The Rocket City also hosting the 2014 Conference which is sure to be out of this world. Prepare for launch by downloading the Spring Newsletter. (2/20/14)

No-no-no-November Newsletter.
newsletter"No green grass. No blue sky. No bare feet going by. No birds. No bees. No leaves on the trees. November." No better time to lie in with the Fall Newsletter. (11/01/13)

Relive Conference 2013conference pictures
Not only was he running the show, Jon Acker was documenting it. See his pictures here. (But where are the pictures of Jon?) (4/1/2013)

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Looking for something from a previous version of the ALAIR home page? Visit our Headline Archive. (Updated 6/7/13)


The Alabama Association for Institutional Research (ALAIR) is an organization offering a variety of professional opportunities for individuals involved in institutional research and related activities in Alabama's institutions of higher education. ALAIR is affiliated with the Southern Association for Institutional Research (SAIR) and the Association for Institutional Research (AIR).

Membership in ALAIR is open to any person who is actively engaged in institutional research and related functions, or who has professional interest in activities related to institutional research, including assessment, planning, student records. Members from other states are welcomed and actively solicited.

Last updated 2/20/2014